Logger, current & volts

Logger, current & volts

SCADAR, Logger current & volts data sheet
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    • Installing a SCADAR current & volt logger

      Click the following link for a demonstration video on installing a SCADAR current & volt logger into the electrical cabinet of a typical air compressor. Always read product technical manuals before proceeding with any installation of SCADAR ...
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      SCADAR, Logger carry bag data sheet
    • Configuring a CS (Current & Voltage) Data Logger

      Select logger: Fill in the Logger's serial number. Describe it's intended use.  This will be a description of what the Logger's purpose was during the audit. For example, if there are multiple kW Loggers you may have one called 'Comp 1 kW' and ...
    • How to update logger software?

      There are two steps in updating logger software; 1. ‘Download logger update’ = Download the most current logger software to the BS from the Internet 2. ‘Update logger’ = Transferring the downloaded software from the BS to logger(s) via Bluetooth ...
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      SCADAR flow logger data sheet