In Audit Wizard Step 3 'Create site & energy profile' what is 'System Shutdown hours per annum'?

In Audit Wizard Step 3 'Create site & energy profile' what is 'System Shutdown hours per annum'?

This feature is intended to improve the accuracy of annualized calculations across the SCADAR platform.  Specifically...

  • When you install loggers you gather knowledge in the form of data
  • That knowledge includes when equipment is operational when (started, stopped, loaded etc)
  • Wizards in SCADAR use this data to present annual results (e.g. in Chart Wizard or in Simulation Wizard)
  • When running annualized calculations from this knowledge SCADAR will deduct any 'System Shutdown hours per annum' data before making any annual calculations
  • The intention of this feature is to omit (exclude) periods of equipment non-operation (shutdown) that would not be captured by the audit loggers
  • So for example...
    • If an audit was performed over 2 calendar weeks and a factory was shutdown each Saturday and Sunday, the audit loggers would capture this fact
    • So there's no need to do anything more because the audit loggers already know!
    • However, if the audit location shutdown for 2 weeks in July for annual maintenance, the audit loggers would not capture this fact
    • The audit loggers simply cannot know this
    • So we need to tell SCADAR.NET separately / manually!
    • We do this in Audit Wizard step 3 'create site & energy profile' using the System shutdown hours per annum field
    • This information is important when running annual data calculations only

So in summary, use 'System shutdown hours per annum' to omit (exclude) periods of shutdown that the audit loggers would not capture during the audit (such as the example provided here!)

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