How to build your own graphs (kW, PF, pressure, demand side flow, etc.)

How to build your own graphs (kW, PF, pressure, demand side flow, etc.)

Before looking at any charts, doing simulation, or producing reports, compressor status should by checked by opening kW graph (and PF graph) for each compressor. 

Go to Graph Wizard, choose Blank style on the top, select the audit, and click 'run wizard' icon at the bottom. 


Four rectangular icons will appear. The first one is Equipment Utilization. This is where you can generate:

- current graph for individual compressor

- voltage graph for individual compressor

- kW graph for individual compressor

- power factor graph for individual compressor

- calculated supply flow graph for individual compressor

- etc.

Choose Equipment Utilization. Click Continue. 

Choose kW and PF. You will see those icons highlighted in green. 

If you want to open current and voltage graphs, click A and V. 

Click Logger Configuration. 

Choose the current & volt logger(s). 

Other type of loggers such as pressure loggers will be grayed out since you're in Equipment Utilization/Power. 

Click Visual Overview. Graphs will be generated. 

The other three rectangular icons are:

- System Utilization Supply Side (you can generate 'system supply side calculated flow' graph here)

- System Utilization Demand Side (you can generate 'system demand side calculated flow' graph here)

- Additional Graphing Option (you can open pressure graph, measured flow graph, temperature graph, dew point graph, etc.)

For example, choose Additional Graphing options to open pressure graph(s). Click Continue. 

Choose Pressure. Click Logger Configuration. Then choose the pressure logger(s). 

If your audit doesn't have temperature logger, flow logger, dew point logger, or 4-20mA logger, you'll see those graphs gray out as the picture below. 

To open a 'system demand side' graph, choose System Utilization Demand Side. Click Continue. 

Choose Flow. Click Logger Configuration. 

Since this is calculated flow, you don't need to select any logger. 

Click Visual Overview.