Base Station

Base Station

SCADAR, Base station data sheet
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    • Can anybody use my SCADAR Base station?

      YES. Any SCADAR user account can use any SCADAR Base station to transfer data between the SCADAR.NET cloud server and SCADAR data loggers. Via the 'Audit Manager' feature, SCADAR Base stations are capable of retaining up to 25 active audit ...
    • Configuring Base Station and Data Loggers

      Configuring the Base Station: Enter the Base Station serial number and press 'OK' Configuring a Pressure Logger (PS.16.Bar and PS.60.Bar): Enter the Logger's serial number Enter Logger's intended use (optional) If the Logger will be used for ...
    • How to use USB option of Base Station V2

      . Create a new audit configuration in Audit Wizard. Please read how to start a new audit on WWW.SCADAR.NET article if you don’t know how to do it. 2. Click on 'cloud to base' step. Click DOWNLOAD CONFIG on the right.  A config.bin file will be ...
    • Install and configure a SCADAR Base station for first use

      Watch this MP4 file for a quick guide on installing and configuring a SCADAR Base station for first use. CLICK TO CUE VIDEO IN A NEW TAB
    • Can I use my SCADAR Base station anywhere?

      In principle YES. However local area network restrictions may prevent you from establishing a connection to the internet. For example, some local area networks require you to enter additional firewall or user authentication information via a ...