Chart Wizard - BLANK is the default location where SCADAR.NET Auditors or Consultants 'LAND' when navigating to Chart Wizard.  From here, users can proceed to select 'all', 'one' or 'a variety' of supply side or demand side charts for plotting.  Once a user selection is complete, use the wand to create the chart selection.  The chart selection displays on a second page tab called 'CHARTING'

SCADAR.NET consultant's can also take advantage of 2 'STYLE' tiles when they arrive at the Chart Wizard landing page.  STYLE tiles can store a unique selection of charts and graphs for use with any audit in the future at the touch of a button, so rather than having to go through the selection process each time Chart Wizard is loaded, simply save a pre-defined chart selection to either Style 1 or Style 2.  Once the STYLE tile is configured for use a consultant merely needs to pick a STYLE tile, the respective audit and go!

CONSULTANT's can save and edit STYLE tiles by making a chart selection once.  From the charting page (where the chart selection made is displayed) use the 'save as stylesheet' button in the toolbar at the top of the page and select either 'STYLE 1' or 'STYLE 2' from the drop down box menu.  That's it!