Consultants  benefit from 3 year data archiving!

SCADAR is a memory intensive software tool...  Firstly, resource is used when SYNCING audits for the first time or RE-SYNCING audits that users return to after some time.  Secondly, when users create jpeg images or PDF files of data such as graphs, charts etc or upload other data from elsewhere (e.g. jpeg images of products or logo's) onto the SCADAR.NET server.

To manage its available resources...

  • SCADAR un-sync's audits after a period of non use.  Available audits can be re-synced as necessary
  • SCADAR archives data for 3 years.  As above, available data can be accessed as necessary
  • Afterwards, SCADAR moves archives intro long term storage.  Data is no longer accessible directly from SCADAR.NET