All users benefit from 6 month audit archiving!

SCADAR.NET is a memory intensive software tool...  When users upload logged data to the SCADAR.NET server and synchronize that data with the audit configuration, SCADAR.NET runs literally thousands and thousands of calculations.  Furthermore, users will then proceed to create charts, graphs, simulations and publish reports, all of which are created and stored on the SCADAR.NET server consuming memory and resources.

SCADAR.NET optimizes memory and resources in two ways...

SCADAR.NET un-sync's audits after 30 days of inactivity.  If users return to an un-sync'd audit afterwards, they need only re-sync the audit to re-instate it 'as was'

And secondly, 6 calendar months after upload of logged data, SCADAR.NET removes the audit from the site