Navigate to user admin when you want to...

Manage your account...

  • Verify your user identity
  • Check your Subscription status (Auditor or Consultant)
  • Manage your security information
  • Manage your user information

Manage private compressor tables...
  • View private compressor tables
  • Create additional private compressor tables
  • Copy private compressor tables to another SCADAR.NET user (consultant status required)

Manage audits...
  • Review 'all', 'my', 'my shared' and 'community audits' (community audits are audits shared by others with you)
  • Review and edit audit information
  • Delete an audit
  • Share an audit (consultant status required)
  • Export audit data (consultant status required)

Manage data...

As users work within the SCADAR.NET environment, a variety of files, images document PDF's etc are created.  Additionally, users can upload images etc from elsewhere.  These files, images, document PDF's are all stored within the users dedicated 'Data management' folder of SCADAR.NET.  You can navigate directly to 'DATA Management' from within the User admin tab on SCADAR.NET or you can reach it whilst working elsewhere on SCADAR.NET