Before you begin, have your Base station and SCADAR data loggers to hand.  Power up your BASE STATION, connect it to the internet and follow these steps...

Step 1: Logger to Base


On your Base station press the DOWN button to scroll / find the 'Loggers to Base' (L2B) menu.  Press ENTER.  Next, Press the Bluetooth button on all of the SCADAR data loggers (in this example there would be 5). Once data from a SCADAR data loggers has successfully transferred you will see a green check mark on the respective SCADAR data logger icon.  With all files transferred all data logger icons will feature a check mark. Additionally, in the right top corner of the 'Logger to Base'  menu (L2B) a check mark will display.  You've successfully transferred data from your SCADAR data loggers to a SCADAR Base station.


Step 2: Base to Cloud


Press the DOWN button to scroll / find the 'Base to Cloud' (B2C) menu and press ENTER.  When the SCADAR Base station has finished uploading all audit data to SCADAR.NET, you will see a green check mark in the right top corner of the 'Base to Cloud' (B2C) menu icon. 

Progress of the above steps can be observed on the website. Click 'Audit Wizard' and then select your audit.  Once selected you'll be re-directed to the Audit Wizard 'transfer data' view screen. It will show the 'Logger to Base' and 'Base to Cloud' steps in green (instead of grey) when completed.