To protect your investment, each SCADAR logger is supplied in a robust TUV certified polypropylene case which features...

  • A full length straight hinge to ensure high levels of rigidity and stability 
  • Shapely, robust locks for a comfortable hold as well as integrated external feet to ensure each case can be securely transported 
  • Stacking points for safe and secure storage or transportation of multiple SCADAR loggers
  • A tamper proof logger ID decal clearly visible on the case exterior 
  • Foam inlays to secure the case contents against external influences 

This approach is complimented by a SCADAR carry bag designed to carry up to 12 SCADAR data loggers and their sensors in a single convenient and rugged carry bag.  An information factsheet can be downloaded here.  For more information or to purchase, contact your nearest SCADAR point of sale.