In many cases, yes. However, whilst you may be able to tether your SCADAR Base station to your PC or other internet enabled device, the network providing internet access may restrict the use of tethering over their network. Seek the support of the network service provider.

We've released an update to SCADAR Base station hardware and software that we call Base station V2.  You may see the V2 text on SCADAR Base station's dispatched from Summer 2015 onward.  If your SCADAR Base station features V2 hardware your be able to pass data between SCADAR.NET and a SCADAR Base station in the same way that you move data from a PC onto a USB mass storage device.

To learn more follow this link...  CLICK HERE

If you have a V1 Base station (unmarked / original version) and you wish to use the 'V2' feature the only solution is to purchase a new SCADAR Base station.