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As part of the recent release of SCADAR.NET we've introduced the ability to set language within your User administration / account settings.  The benefit of this is that SCADAR.NET can now talk your language!  The introduction of language is a two part process...  Implementing the capability was the first part (the framework if you like), adding the language translations is the second and final part!

We've created a dedicated and very easy to use language translation website and we're looking for your support as we work to deploy additional languages.  If your interested you will need native language skills in one of the languages that requires translation, a few hours free time and access to a browser platform!

In return for translating a language we'll give you a free SCADAR current & volt logger!  Alternatively you can use the value towards other SCADAR product purchases (Value is the nett published trade sales price applicable to you at date of sale.

If you want to become a SCADAR translator and grab yourself a free SCADAR logger, email NOW!  Remember, this is a one time opportunity, once a language is translated 'its done'.  So don't miss your chance to grab yourself a free SCADAR logger, get in touch today!

Use the following link to reach our dedicated translations website...  LINK TO TRANSLATION WEBSITE

You will be provided with an individual login and password separately.  For security reasons the password is not the same as your SCADAR.NET account password!

Once you receive your login credentials you can enter the site and begin translating.  There's no time limit associated with translating and the site has been designed so that you can start and stop at will.  We'd recommend however that you try to complete a translation within a 1 or 2 week window.

We estimate the continuous time required to translate one language is around 1 working day

When you have login credentials you will see a list menu item called 'LOCALES'.  Click the list and it will reveal the languages that have been assigned to your account.  Once you select a language the screen will look like this...

To use the translation site...

  1. Observe that the selected language is displayed top left
  2. The number of missing translations is shown (this is a running total and will decrement as the translations are completed and saved)
  3. At the top of the column there's a feature to search for text and one to manage the number of entries displayed on the page
  4. You can also scroll through pages of entries using the toolbar at the bottom of the page
  5. Text without translation is listed first and also highlighted in RED (translated text is listed last and displayed on a white background)
  6. There are columns for 'Key' and 'Master value' which cannot be edited and a column for 'Translations' where translators complete their work
  7. When you begin writing in the Translations column the green button (bottom right) will change status and prompt you to SAVE any translations you have made
  8. Before navigating away from the page, always remember to SAVE your translations (there is a browser pop up to remind you!)
  9. After you have SAVED any translations you can log out and log back in as frequently as you like
  10. You can still re-edit translations that you have already saved!
  11. That's basically it...  Once your done, we'll take the translations and post them onto the public website!

Translators, just two final points...

You are the native experts and we're placing our trust in you to make translations in an objective way.  Please be considerate of the whole community as you complete this work...  Please...

  1. No inappropriate language
  2. Only use 'compressed air jargon' as necessary
  3. No marketing text

From time to time you will see 'odd text' with <> either side of it in the Master value column.  Examples are...



<a href="wizard.aspx">

There may be other examples!

Just ignore this 'odd text'.  This is software code that SCADAR.NET uses inline with the text being translated.  Just translate the plan text, completely ignoring the 'odd text' within the <> and all will be good!

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