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What Pre-defined graphs would you like to see. Tell us here!

We're about to further develop Graph Wizard to include a bunch of additional 'pre-defined' Graph's.  To clarify, a Pre-defined Graph is a graph or group if graphs that can be instantly plotted by selecting them from the carousel buttons (see image below taken from the Graph Wizard landing page) or by including the pre-defined Graph in Publish Wizard templates etc...

If you'd like offer a suggestion for new Pre-defined Graphs then now's your chance!  Please add a post to this forum topic.  We welcome your input, but we also need to be able to understand your suggestions....  Try therefore to be as clear and concise as you can with your input.

This forum topic will close on Feb 29th and we'll consolidate all input received.  We foresee the input received here to reach a release planned or April 2016.


Your post was well timed as we're just consolidating feedback from this forum into a sprint for our software geeks to code out the next iteration of Graph Wizard which we expect to release within the next 4 weeks or less.  Thanks for your post.

Hello! Do we still not have a graph that displays both pressure and kW together? There are so many occasions where this would be helpful.

Thank you, I did notice that graph. The issue in demonstrating to a customer, which was available in the previous version, that plotting multiple pressure graphs is that they are all identified as "pressure". It is difficult to determine which pressure trending is specific to a location. Regardless of how it is identified in the audit wizard, it will not show up in graph 5. it would be nice to see pressure trends identified. Thanks

Dino, if you select the premade graph number 5 you will see all pressures on the same graph. You can deselect the supply flow and some other things to clean it up but you will see all your pressures together.

In the previous version of SCADAR, pressure trending for multiple pressure loggers was plotted on a single graph. it was convenient and easy to determine pressure losses within a distribution system and was quite evident when all plotted together. The new version plots loggers on individual graphs. Presenting to the customer a pressure trending of the plant involves numerous graphs in the final audit report.

I would like to see pressure trending on a single graph as in the previous version of SCADAR if possible.

Thanks for this Nate, we picked the same vibe up earlier in the forum and will try to see what we can do to solve it!


I would like to see a graph that adds SCADAR Flow with SCADAR 4-20 ma.

Reason for this is because I measure flow with both the flow logger, and the 4-20 ma logger that I hook to a flow sensor. Sometimes I have just the SCADAR flow which is fine, but in some cases I have multiple flow measure points, using a mix between flow and 4-20. All of which are flow. 

If this is too complicated then at the least make one graph for all my 4-20 ma's to show. As it stands, I select each logger and get a separate graph per. 

Along this same note, it would be nice to see a graph that has measured flow (with logger) not just calculated, mixed with pressure AND kW. 

The old graphing wizard let us decided what crazy combination of graphs we wanted layered on top of each other. I really miss this because for me, it was always changing depending on what I was trying to figure out. The premade graphs are nice I suppose but I liked having more selection. 

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please include a pre-defined graph for amps and pressure combined

How about a function that would monitor and graph an additional piece of equipment like an air dryer or pump, which is definitely part of a typical compressed air system and consumes air and/or kW.  For example a heated air dryer, good system analysis needs to monitor the response of the compressors to the cycling of the dryers, sometimes there are problems that would be hidden if the dryer is not shown on the same chart as the compressors, pressure and flow.  Dew point, as mentioned is another parameter related to dryers that needs to be shown for proper analysis of CA systems.  Temperature is another additional parameter that is sometimes important.  For centrifugals the position of the blow-off valve, either pressure or ma is needed to be shown on a graph.  Therefore the ability to do custom charts is critical.

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Graph Wizard:

  •      kW of Each Compressor (not combined), PSI of Each Pressure Taken, Demand Flow.
  •      Graph out based on pre-set calendar, organized by shift/day. For example, graph all weekday 1st shifts.  

Follows my suggestions:

- Logger 4-20mA combination with all other loggers, because this logger is like a wildcard, we can install various types of measuring instruments. Could have the option to enable yourself. Eg, pressure before and after a dryer in two rooms compressors, or at a specific point within the client (network end) where you need to check the fall of system pressure; or measure flow in two rooms, etc.

- Logger dewpoint combination with temperature logger

- Logger pressure Combination with flow (supply and demand side)


Thanks for the feedback.

I will list my normal graphs uses, and suggest some combinations.

As for pre-graphs available, I noticed some problems as mention below:

Pre-Graph 5: pressure line is hidden behind the status bar of the compressors. When you disable one status bar of one of the compressors, the other bars out of position. For example, Disable a C3 compressor, the compressor above the bars down, and the compressor C4  takes place C3, however the scale indicating that remains is the C3 compressor. This causes confusion. 

Pre-graph 6: there is an item "series 4"; for serving?

Pre-Graph 9: there is an item "series 8"; for serving?

Pre-Graph 10: there is an item "series 3"; for serving?

Pre-graphic 0:13: does not load all defined data


Hi Mateus

I understand your point and we'll investigate to see what's possible.  When we revised Graph Wizard, it was a bit of a trade off and for two reasons...  Firstly, many users made illogical combinations that they neither understood which created confusion.  The revised system avoids that but the negative trade off was that we restrained users within a rule set.

The pre-configured graphs are also necessary for us to embed these in Publish Wizard templates, something that needs to be 'pre-configured' if we're to successfully produce a report and embed graph content.  I'm sure your aware of this hence your request for the user to be able to save his own graph configurations.  Again, I'll take this into our pre-sprint specification review...

Being honest with you, time and resource might beat us here, these requests look like consuming a level of time and resource that we may not have available to us.  I'd therefore appreciate any feedback you'd like to contribute on 'pre defined graphs'.  Then, if we're not able to deliver on your requests here, we can at least get some pre-defined graphs in there that you'd value.  For information, that Carousel we talked about can take tens even hundreds of pre-configured graphs...

Thanks for your support

I preferred the previous version of the software format, which could combine any data collected from loggers. Each person has a way to analyze the data and present them in the report. I wish there was an option to customize the pre-graphs by the user by combining the data of your way, and leaving these combinations saved in the user's account. And if possible, to have a capacity to create and save at least 10 combined graphics. Grateful!

I was thinking supply side flow as that is what is currently on your preset Graph 5. Whatever makes sense to the graph. To be honest combining the power with the pressure would be the important feature.