What options do you recommend for logger battery replacement?

All SCADAR loggers features replaceable batteries, even loggers which feature a power supply.  Trivia...  Observe that where a logger features a power supply, the power supply merely provides supply power to the loggers sensor and NOT the logger itself.  The logger itself continues to operate using replaceable batteries!

We make reference to batteries across a variety of SCADAR documents and manuals and the battery type is clearly marked on the logger batteries themselves!

  • The battery marketplace carries a wide range of options
  • The quality and specification of battery products is equally varied and wide and must be considered with extreme care
  • During SCADAR product development, significant work was undertaken to specify and verify the integrity of the batteries specified
  • Such work included matters such as the battery condition software present on hardware and at SCADAR.NET which relies on the specification of batteries being compliant, else the condition status cannot be relied upon!

Consequently we cannot recommend the use of anything other than the batteries we specify and offer for sale with SCADAR loggers.

We furthermore emphasis that whilst a SCADAR product remains under guarantee, to preserve product warranty only batteries specified by us can be used!

If SCADAR logger batteries require replacement we strongly recommend these are sourced from us either directly or via our nominated sales channel.

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